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High Density Cartridge Heaters

HEATCO make High-Density Cartridge heaters are amongst the most versatile and widely used heaters known for its supreme quality.

The High-Density Cartridge Heater is made available in customized forms to adapt to the needs of various industries and clients.  

Every system component that leaves our manufacturing facilities meets our strict quality assurance specifications, in addition to those set forth by leading standards and regulating industries. 

Performance Capabilities 

• Part temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C).

• Watt densities up to 300 W/in2 (46.5 W/cm2)

• Maximum voltage up to 480V. 

Features and Benefits

Nickel-chromium resistance wire

• Ensures even and efficient distribution of heat to the sheath Conductor pins.

• Provide a metallurgical bond to the resistance wire.

• Ensure a trouble-free electrical connection. 

Magnesium oxide insulation of specific grain and purity

• Results in high dielectric strength and contributes to faster heat-up. 

Specific sheath 

• Resists oxidation and corrosion from heat, many chemicals and atmospheres. 

Minimal spacing between the element wire and sheath 

• Results in lower internal temperature.

• Accommodates a design with fewer or smaller heaters operating at higher watt densities.

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