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Ceramic Band Heaters

Heatco make Ceramic Band heaters are made of helically wound Nickel Chrome resistance coil precisely stretched with uniform spacing and inserted through ceramic cores forming a flexible heating mat. It is then placed in flexible stainless steel housing and terminated.
Owing to its flexibility these heaters are very flexible and can be fitted easily. Our Ceramic band heaters are available with different terminal styles, are fully flexible, and can accommodate holes and cut-outs.

 Types of Ceramic Band Heaters :


 H Style - Terminal box to protect screw terminals from damage and exposure.

           E Style - Post terminals. The most commonly used termination style. Recommended for high amperage applications.

  A Style - Straight armor cable provides protection against abrasion and contamination.

 T Style - Stainless Steel braided. Highly flexible. Protects the lead wire from abrasion

 C Style - Connector terminals are provided when the power leads are frequently removed from the heater. An easy electrical connectionwhen the heater fails.

 0 Style – For inadequate space and low ampere rating these connectors are used.

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