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Electrical Process Heaters for Inline.

In process heating application, the most common form of electric heater consists of tubular heating elements that welded to a flange or plug. Other common names of process heater includes flange immersion heater, circulation heater, inline heaters, outflow heaters, screw plug heater, coal tar heaters, heaters for hopper heating, heater for silo fluidisation. 

The immersion side of the Electrical Process Heaters or Inline Heaters or Outflow Heaters flange heater (the side with the elements) is then inserted in a vessel or tank. The other side of the flange is where the electrical terminations are made. The electrical terminals are usually enclosed in a protective housing or enclosure. The electrical housing is also known as heater housing.

Process Heaters are used in a variety of applications where conventional heavy fuels, high viscosity crude oils, coal tar, bitumen, mineral oils and furnace oil are stored.

In Heatco, we manufacture Electrical Process Heaters or Inline Heaters or Outflow Heaters. The diverse heating requires tailor made solutions which we can provide. All our heaters are designed according the various international codes upon customers’ demand. The heaters can be delivered as a flange mounting for tank heating or as an inline flow though heater for heating up
• Hot water
• Thermal oil
• Heavy fuel oil
• Marine Diesel oil 
• Lubricating oil 
• Air & Gas Heating

The Heating elements can be made of Tubular or Replaceable Refractory Charged Cartridge Heater type in the Electrical Process Heaters or Inline Heaters or Outflow Heaters.
Explosion Proof Terminals Cover can be supplied on demand. A complete control system with sensors and Control Panels can be delivered with the heaters. In co-operation we design complete skids in which the heaters are integrated.
Range: 3.0 KW to 212.5 KW.

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