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Tubular Heating Element

Tubular heating elements from HEATCO are the most versatile and the best suited solutions to a large number of applications.Tubular elements from HEATCO are factory-configured to almost any shape or size. Custom bending diameters can be made upon request. Typically using steel, stainless steel, incoloy, titanium alloys, tubular elements are often regarded as the foundation of all heating elements. These heating elements have a strong outer sheath depending upon the place of use, temperature & other factors ( consult our technical team) to help protect the heater from physical stress and uses high quality alloys to allow efficient heat transfer from resistance coil to your heating medium.

Depending on their rating, sheath and shape, HEATCO tubular elements are used in a variety of heat applications (conduction, convection, radiation heating) that require process temperatures of up to 750°C to heat liquids, gases and solids. A variety of diameters are available to help adjust watt densities in your application to design these electric heaters for best performance and long life. Standard and custom made terminal allow for easy installation and maintenance. HEATCO uses high quality fused magnesia to allow for efficient heat transfer from resistive coil to the heating medium whether it is air, liquid or solid. Bending radiuses are designed with careful expertise to allow for optimal performance when meeting "form fit and function" within your application.

Copper Sheath: For water heating & for heating water solutions which are non-corrosive to copper.

Steel Sheath: Immersion in oils, molten salt baths, alkaline cleaning solutions, tars and asphalt. Suitable for casting into aluminum.

Stainless Steel Sheath: Corrosive liquids, food processing equipment.

Incoloy Sheath: Air heating, radiant heating, cleaning and degreasing solutions, plating and pickling solutions, corrosive liquids.

Other sheath materials are also available for application considerations. Commonly specified are SS 304, SS 316, SS 321 & Incoloy tubes along with titanium for severely corrosive solution heating.


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