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Replaceable Refractory Charged Cartridge Heaters

HEATCO make Refractory Charged replaceable type Cartridge Heaters are made from Ceramic Insulators which are for used for both Vertical & Horizontal operation.

The heating elements are fitted inside the bobbin of the ceramic insulators as per the rating & the voltage provided by the client for their use. A tie rod is fitted in between which keeps the ceramic insulators in line with the element.

The connection is made from Brass or SS as per the current drawn.

These Refractory Charged replaceable type Cartridge Heaters are housed in a metallic sheath as per the functioning of the heaters. While placing orders for such type of Heaters the clients must confirm the following:

• Place of Use.
• Mode of Operation.
• Rating ( Watt) & Voltage.
• Terminal Block details.
• Dummy or Non Heating Zone.

HEATCO make REPLACEABLE CARTRIDGE HEATERS are made from long-lasting and high quality refractory materials which are mounted horizontally in a metallic tube as per design to suit its application. These are easily replaceable once the Cartridge Heater gets worn out. In standard production the heating element is made from Kanthal or Nickel/Chrome heating elements.



Length of unheated zone(Lm), is to be determined by the customer.

Lenght (L) [mm]


200 - 4000

Diameter (Ø) [mm]

12; 16; 25, 30, 32; 35,36, 38,41, 45 etc.

Voltage [V]

220; 230; 380; 3x380; 400; 3x400 or different

Max. temperature [°C]


Heating power [W]

0.25 KW to 10.0 KW

Max. Surface load [W/cm2]


Heating of:  
Air, Oil, Water etc.  
Used in Confectionery; Electroplating Plants; Quenching oil baths, Drying Ovens, Degreasing Baths 

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