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Air Handling Units-

HEATCO make Air Duct Heaters are used for process gas heating, drying ovens, air pre-heating, paint drying and curing, heat treating and more. Various terminal housings and control options available. Air duct heaters are designed for heating low-pressure air or gases. HEATCO make series air duct heaters are constructed with stainless steel tubular elements mounted in a stainless/ MS flange with operating temperatures up to 700° C. These electric process heaters can be designed to fit rectangular ductwork and can be supplied with transition sections when used on circular or smaller ducts. 

Air Heaters: 
Basically Air Heaters are designed to heat air. In Heatco we have a line of process air heaters that offer performance and versatility in medium to low temperature applications. This rugged and reliable line of industrial heaters efficiently conducts heat. We are in continuous R&D for developing this Air Heaters.This group of heating elements is designed to the highest standard by first understanding the air mixture to be heated. We design heating solutions by following strict guidelines to ensure the safest, most efficient heating solution possible. Air flow, specific gravity, volatility, corrosive nature, and watt density are just a few of the factors to be analyzed within the design process of an air heater. 

Duct Air Heaters: Heatco's duct heaters come in various sizes and dimensions to fit any compartment. There are three types of duct heaters available: open coil, tubular element or finned tubular heating elements that are either flanged or inserted in the duct. Air duct heaters are primarily used in air flowing ventilation systems and comfort heating applications while process duct heaters are mainly used for industrial process heating applications (ovens that require re-circulated air or forced circulation). Heatco designs and configures your electric duct heaters according to your specifications. Our team is dedicated to research and development of the latest technologies, while striving to meet every customer's needs by manufacturing high quality duct heaters. Since 1976, Heatco has expertise in developing and manufacturing electric duct heaters that make Heatco duct heaters, the most easily adaptable solutions for most non-pressurized, air-heating systems. A broad range of custom built electric duct heaters with capacities up to 1000kW is available upon request. 

FEATURES: Element can be individually replaceable on site without the need of any special tools. Termination Box if required can be made weatherproof to IP:66 & IP: 67. Various type of over temperature cut-outs available such as Thermostat, RTD or Thermocouples. 

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