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ESP Hopper Heater & Shaft Insulator Heaters

Global Heating Specialist - In any Thermal Power Plant Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP) forms an integral part of Fly Ash Collecting System which plays vital role in the control of TPM present in the flue gases. For the smooth functioning of ESP, the heating elements provided at hopper and support and shaft insulator play an important role. The heater in ESP hopper are provided to avoid clinker formation of the ash being collected at the bottom of ESP. Whereas the heaters provided at the shaft and support insulators are required to maintain the temperature above dew point which lies between 80-115 deg C. If temperature falls below the range as mentioned there will be a continuous tracking of electrical field over the surface of insulator which will result into damage of insulator and non availability of field for collecting the fly ash. We in Heatco after continuous R & D detected the importance of the Hopper Heater Elements for ESP and as per the requirement developed the Heaters for its smooth functioning. We are providing some of the types of heating elements provided at hopper and support and shaft insulator. There are others which can be made as per customers design to suit its application. We manufacture hopper heaters, shaft heaters and support insulator heaters.

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